Summer Village of Crystal Springs Development

Please note: Development Permits are required for driveways, new buildings, and shoreline modifications.  Development Permit Applications are on line, or can be picked up at the Summer Villages Office. If you are not sure if a development permit is required, click on the Land Use Bylaw #208, the Development Permit Application, or contact the Development Officer, Judy McCardia at 780-586-2494.

Private Sewage Permits- as per Bylaw # 212, a new holding tank MUST be inspected by Superior Safety Codes prior to being backfilled, so please have your Certified Installer coordinate a date with them to be on site. Failure to do so will result in the holding tank being dug back up for Inspection***

Fees and Charges For Services Provided By the Municipality Bylaw #217

Development Permit Application

Land Use Bylaw  #208

Advertising Signs Policy

Private Sewage Permit Applications-please click on Wastewater

Additionally, permits are required for building, demolition, electrical, plumbing and gas. These permits must be obtained from Superior Safety Codes [email protected] 1-888-358-5545 or @ 403-358-5545 once your Development Permit has been approved. For inquiries information please contact our Development Officer at 780-586-2494.  

Please Note: Placards are issued with the Development Permit and must be in full view at the work site at all times while the work is in progress. Failure to follow the process of having the required Permits could result in a Stop Order being issued by the Development or Bylaw Enforcement Officer.