Summaries of the Design Basis Memoranda for the Local Collections Lines have been posted here for your information. 
DBM 1 Executive Summary - re: System Hydraulic Design;
DBM 1 System Layout
DBM 2 Collection System Design Criteria; and
DBM3A On Lot STEP System Design Criteria.

STEP - sewage treatment effluent pump components are on display in the Summer Villages office - here are some photos for your information.

Your Summer Village Council has prepared a wastewater questions and answers document to help answer many of your questions.  It is attached for your information.

We also have an On Lot cost estimating template.  A hard copy is attached for your use, or you can contact the Summer Village Office to request the excel version which will be e-mailed to you.

The PowerPoint presentation to be presented at the Annual Information meeting on August 27th is also attached for your information.

Notification Update - Local Waste Water - April 28, 2016

Notification Update - Local Waste Water - April 18, 2016

Notification Update - Local Waste Water - March 31, 2016 

A copy of this Brochure will be mailed to all Southside Summer Village Residents. A copy has been uploaded to the web site for residents to view

South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Collection System Brochure

APLM - What We've Done Brochure - November 2015

Crystal Springs Wastewater Meeting 

Local Southside Wastewater Update

PN 032814 Pigeon Lake Wastewater Project final

Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Planning Committee Update

South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Line Update

Wastewater AE Crystal Springs Gravity vs LP

Wastewater MPE Crystal Spring Gravity System Assessment Final Report combined 

Wastewater MPE CS Prelim Design cost estimates